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We believe that everyone is entitled to live and work in a safe and secure environment . Avant Guard London specialise in delivering a fusion of security beautiful design and high security to your doorstep. Our product designs are unique. Our materials are of a first-class quality. And most importantly, your home and office security is always our 1st number one priority.

As industry leaders, we are redefining the world of high security doors. Expert workmanship and craftsmanship are at the heart of everything we do, and solid steel is at the core of every door we create. Avant Guard London ensure all the access points to your home, or office, are secure without compromising on the look and feel of the building.

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    It should always be simple to be safe, It's a basic human need. We believe that with feeling secure, comes satisfaction. This is exactly why you need to opt for the Avant Guard London approach.

    To us, guaranteeing your security starts with a high security door that will not only deter intrusions - but prevent them. This is achieved with careful wooden camouflage and some seriously tough steel beneath, ready to defend. Our doors are the No.1 sophisticated Quality steel structures on the market today, creating a truly groundbreaking and accessible way to achieve safety where it's needed.

    When was the last time you got your home or office security assessed?

    There is always something you will want to better protect – fancy gadgets, fine suits, heirloom jewellery, office equipment, pets and especially your loved ones. So there should be no compromise on securing the safety of the things you love best! To fulfil each and every request of the variety of customers we encounter, we cater to every style of door – apartments, houses, offices, communal, commercial, industrial and even listed buildings. Once we have established where the vulnerabilities exist we can then recommend the right high security solutions.

    What is beautiful security?

    What's more, we cater for every type of taste too. Our personal bespoke service includes selecting the ideal design, colour, wooden finish and even any bespoke elements you may consider adding. Covert or creative – we'll sort it!

    Avant Guard London Doors exist to not only greatly heighten the security of our safety-conscious clients, but to provide both a reactive and preventative service. This means that for those that already feel safe – we'll make you safer. For those who seek ultimate peace of mind – we'll bring it to your doorstep! No more break-ins. No more moments of worry. Say goodbye to vandalised apartment entrances and hello to your high quality steel-cored door!

    At Avant Guard London we provide the highest security steel doors that are then dressed to meet your requirements.

    Every screw, bolt and strip of steel we handcraft into your Avant Guard door will be completed with your individual wants and needs in mind. When working with us the door AND the choice is yours. Make the decision to begin creating your own unique Avant Guard door today, and when all is done and dusted, you'll know you've made the right choice.

    Avant Guard London invite you right now to cast aside your common-place door and go for our quality steel core high security doors with multi-point lock systems, superb protection and a sleek appeal. Attractive doors with first-class customer service, that's a guarantee.


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Anita Kumar

Business Owner

“Today the doors were installed as promised. Your team arrived as promised and the job was completed, as promised. They look stunning!”

Tim Grant

Chartered Architect

“At every stage, I have found you and your company to be helpful and efficient, not to say incredibly informative. You have always kept me fully informed with every milestone of the completion of the doors. That is unique and very reassuring”

Tony Sofocli

Luxury Retailer

“Avant Guard replaced the entrance door and shop front to our store after several violent ram raids. Since the installation we have not had a repeated event such as this, and I would recommend Avant Guard's product as a serious consideration as part of any luxury retailers' necessary arsenal against this type of crime.”